17 October, 10:00

Business Dialogue on Future of Dairy Sector to Be Discussed at 5th International International Agro-Industrial Dairy Forum

During the 5th International Agro-Industrial Dairy Forum to be held in a business dialogue format, the authorities and representatives of the main trade unions are going to discuss the creation of a new strategy that will define the main courses and targets for the dairy industry development for the next ten years.

Over the past few years the dairy industry has made a strong leap forward. The national program for development of agriculture and new types of support have fundamentally changed the situation in the sector which has led to strong investment growth in the industry. At the moment the state assigns new tasks to the business, therefore, approach to the dairy industry development needs to be reviewed.

On November 27, 2018, the Government House of the Moscow Region will host participants of the 5th International IV International Agro-Industrial Dairy Forum to discuss the topic: «Milk in 2020-2030: What’s Next?»

Denis Butsaev, Deputy Prime Minister of the Moscow Region, commented on the Forum business topic: «The priorities and disincentives to the development of the dairy industry are the topics for immediate discussion at the Forum. This year, among the key topics are the areas of state support and increasing the investment attractiveness of the dairy industry. As for the priorities, their setting will determine the further development of the dairy industry. The expert community and industry leaders will discuss the development of extensive processing of milk, improving the quality of raw milk, effective stimulation of existing demand and access to new markets.»

One of the speakers at the 5th International International Agro-Industrial Dairy Forum, Artyom Belov, Executive Director of the National Union of Milk Producers (SOYUZMOLOKO), commented on the business dialogue topic: «There are several factors that should be considered in the new program of the industry development. It is important to keep some working mechanisms of support and regulation of the dairy industry, for example, concessional loans and recovering of capital costs to investors. Maximum disclosure of the genetic potential of breeding livestock and the development of export relations with other countries in the long term shall be given a special attention.»

The business program of the Forum will also include topics of the development of the world market for dairy products, stabilization of demand for them, innovative developments and digitalization of the dairy industry.

The National Assembly «Soyuzmoloko» and the Milk Union of Russia are to be the intellectual partners of the Forum.

You can take part in the Forum after registration. Participation in the Forum: free.

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